Early Decision Eligibility Agreement (Application Requirement for Early Decision)

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Eligibility Conditions for Early Decision
1) Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar must be your first choice university in order to apply for Early Decision.

2)  Early Decision at CMU Qatar is only open to the following categories of students:
  • Students residing in Qatar: This includes both Qatari nationals and non-Qatari residents of Qatar.  Financial aid is available to Qatar residents applying through Early Decision.  International students with at least one parent residing in Qatar may also apply Early Decision.
  • International students with zero financial need.  Regretfully, financial aid is not provided during Early Decision for international students residing outside of Qatar.  Examples of eligible internationals include GCC nationals with scholarship funding (ex. Kuwait) and full-fee paying families.

3) All students admitted through Early Decision must be able to pay an Early Decision enrollment deposit by February 1st (deposit is approximately $1,000 USD).
  • The required enrollment deposit will be refunded to Qatari nationals in October 2024 (estimated date) once sponsor payment is made. For non-Qatari nationals, the enrollment deposit will be allocated toward the cost of attendance.
  • Except for the case of sponsor payments for Qatari nationals, this enrollment deposit is non-refundable.
4) All students admitted through Early Decision are required to submit a mid-year school transcript/report from their current year of schooling, as well as their final results upon completing the school year.
  • If the results from the mid-year report or final year report are not at the high level of academic performance under which the student was granted admission, it can be expected that the university will revoke the offer of admission.

5) You must agree to withdraw applications previously submitted to other institutions, in any country, when notified of Early Decision acceptance and financial aid decision from Qatar Foundation.  
  • Qatari nationals are required to immediately withdraw all applications from other universities, if admitted under Early Decision.  Non-Qatari nationals are required to withdraw all applications from other universities after receiving their financial award (if applicable) and paying the enrollment deposit.
  • Non-Qatari nationals are not able to compare financial aid packages between Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and other universities you may have applied to.

6)  If an applicant is denied admission during the early decision round they are not eligible to apply for regular decision in the same application cycle.
Eligibility Agreement