CMUQ QF Grant Program

CMU Qatar provides a world-class financial aid program to its admitted students. The CMU-Q QF need-based grant program provides grant aid to students of all nationalities through the Qatar Foundation. Grants (aid with no repayment) of up to the full cost of attendance are made to families based on their unique financial circumstances.

Please do not submit your grant application until AFTER you have submitted the Common App

Grant Application Deadline:
Regular Decision – February 15th

We invite all Fall 2022 Regular Decision applicants to submit our need-based grant application between January 1st to February 15th.  The priority deadline to submit the CMUQ QF Grant Application is February 15th We strongly advise all students to submit a grant application by the priority deadline in order to receive a timely financial aid decision. We aim to issue financial aid decisions to admitted students within one week of the admission decision. If you do not submit the grant application by the priority deadline, your financial aid decision will be significantly delayed.

To begin your grant application, please visit the following link:
If you are facing technical difficulties or have questions related to parts inside the grant application itself, please email and cc our grant program email (
Note: in order to change your password once you receive the registration confirmation email, you will need to clear the browser cache first of all. To clear your browser cache, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete and follow the instructions.

Only one document is required for the initial submission
We have sought to make the process easier on families by only requiring the HR/employer salary letter at the time of submission (ie. letter from parents' employer showing all compensation and benefits).  All other documentation is not required upon initial submission, but will be required once the preliminary award letter is issued after acceptance.  In April, during the second/verification stage, all required documentation will be reviewed and then a final award letter will be issued.

An instruction guide on how to submit the application can be found here.

Important Note
We advise all families to apply for the grant program, regardless of perceived ability to pay for the cost of attendance.  Low-need families may be eligible for 10-20% grants, but this is only provided if families apply for the grant. Additionally, the university has a policy that requires applicants to submit a grant application if they wish to be considered for merit scholarship funds.  A student is not eligible to be considered for merit scholarship funds unless they submit the grant application.   If you are a non-Qatari student who will receive full funding to attend the university (ex. government scholarship or employee benefit), please email us and we will waive the grant application requirement.